Cumbria Clearances is a small but reliable house and commercial property clearance business. We have been in business for 4 years and we have a good reputation for doing the job well. It is our good reputation that has made this business the success it is today.

Cumbria Clearances offer their services to a wide range of customer such as private individuals, social services, estate and letting agents, local councils etc. Most of our work comes from the private individual after a bereavement. We take away the stress of emptying the property but not just taking away the best and leaving the rest, we take away everything, including the rubbish. We can even clean the property and tidy the garden.

Cumbria Clearances are green, we recycle 80-90% of a house clearance by selling the saleable items, give to charity shops, clothes, bedding, books, bric-a-brac etc so only 10-20% goes to landfill.

Cumbria Clearances can normally clear a 3 bedroom house in less than a day depending on how far away the property is from our base. We remove carpets, underlay, and gripper rods if required, (we recommend leaving the curtains up), garden sheds, garages, outhouses etc will also be cleared. If the customer lives away we can pick the keys up ourselves from the estate agent or solicitor, just a phone call to tell them to expect us on a certain day. An invoice will be sent to the customer after an inspection by the solicitor or estate agent just to confirm the work has been done.